God Doesn’t Make Mistakes


I am so thankful for what God has and is doing in my life. I want to share my testimony and hopefully it will help someone else. I had two miscarriages many years ago and after that second one I thought I was going to lose it, I was shutting down and closing myself off to everyone and everything around me. All I ever wanted was one child and I couldn’t understand why this had happen not once, but twice. My mother told me that God doesn’t make mistakes and when it is my time it will happen. I believed my mom, but more importantly was hearing my mom share her faith in what God can and will do. My son turned 26 years old in March and I thank God everyday for him and the wisdom and faith he placed in my mother and she so graciously passed on to me. So, don’t doubt God, he is bigger than anything we can ever go through and it is not about your timing, but His. Hold on a little while longer. Thank you God and I give you all the glory, honor and praise. Amen


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