Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Father

Social media has become our link to the world and whether we like it or not the multitude of posts and pictures are here to stay. Blasting out our accomplishments and our disappointments to everyone like they are the friends from back in the day. So, while you’re deciding on which selfie to post go tell social media what God has done for you, give credit where it is due, yeah go tell that!! Give praise to the one and only God that pours out blessings and will carry your burdens if you would trust him.

Thank God on social media for allowing you to see another day, for getting the job, the car, the house, and the dog, also keeping your health in check so you can enjoy what he has done. Did you almost lose your mind? Were you delivered from drugs or alcohol? Did God save your marriage? Are you parents still living? Did someone feed you when you didn’t know where the next meal would come from. Did you survive a natural disaster? Is your cancer in remission? Yes, that is God working, well go tell it on social media. Did you lose your job, but ended up with a better job, with benefits and great hours? Are your kids doing well? Guess who woke you up this morning?  We all have a testimony and whatever you have been through or happen to be going through right now, God is in control. Have faith in the creator. He is with you, he loves you, trust him, follow him, and obey him.

Shout out our Lord and Savior the way we shout out our favorite sports team. Become a servant like Jesus, help someone in your community or someone less fortunate…. oh, that’s right you don’t know them. Okay start with a family member or friend, ask what you can do to lighten their burden. Be a light in a dark place for those who need hope when things seem to look pretty dim.

Speak kind words, it’s not hard to do if you stop and think before you speak and be considerate of others feelings. Show compassion and empathy toward those you come in contact with that are not like you. You never know that could be you one day. Put away those things that are tearing people down and start building people up. Some people act like they’re the judge and jury, well when judgement day comes, will you still hold that position? We have people hurting and in need of help all over the world and we have people that think the world revolves around them and only them. Come on you can do better and become a better person.

If you are a follower of Christ your actions should line up with the word of God and others should see it and want to have it, to seek what you have- that joy that’s inside of you. We have opinions on everything and our posts are front and center to be seen by the masses. Let’s spread the word of God across your social media sites, your friends and followers need to know how good God is and has been to you personally. If you really want to impress them, read the word, study the word, spend time in the word so you can be doers of the Word. It’s not about us at all. All I can say is God thank you in the precious name of Jesus Amen.

Jeremiah-29-11-KJVCol 3 12 17Phil 2 3Col 4 6Mark 12 30 31Phil 4 13


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