West Coast, East Coast Siblings…. Meet for the First Time

My life has changed forever. My son met his half-sister and I met my step daughter for the first time Saturday. There were many tears of joy and plenty of smiles in between those tears. I didn’t know she existed until after my ex-husband has passed away, my son 5 years old at the time. An email was sent to my ex-husband’s nephew then forwarded to me right after his funeral. I had so many questions but the answers were in the grave. I will not lie; my first thought was she better be older than our son. Because a double blow of cheating and a child born from the act would have been too much for me to handle. But what could I have done, he was gone. In our entire marriage he never mentioned his daughter – 10 years older than our son, 36 and 26 respectively. I believed all that time that our son was his only child.

My son and his new-found sister communicated for a while – she on the West Coast and him on the East Coast, but it didn’t seem to bring them closer. Oh boy was I wrong – they have been communicating on and off on social media for years and I didn’t know it. Was I kept out of this entire situation from the beginning so God could work it out without my interference? Probably so. God knows I’m a fixer and I guess God didn’t need my help. This has turned out better than I could have ever imagine. And I know this because God was in control of it all, from 21 years ago until the super duper sibling introduction this weekend. I have to ask the question though, how can you not acknowledge your child? I still can’t come up with a good enough answer because I don’t believe there is one. No more secrets, no more wondering, she is family and I thank God for her. God does everything well and his timing is always perfect. Yessss, February 15, 2019 is a day that the Lord did make and I did rejoice and was glad in it!! And it will not be the last day that I will rejoice. Family is what we are and we will cherish it and embrace it for a lifetime. A sister and brother getting to know each and already making future plans to do things together. And as for me…. Ecstatic!!!